adrv9026 JESD troubleshooting with FrmTestDataCfg and FramerTestDataSet

I am having a difficult time getting the JESD link established.

To troubleshoot I would like to send known data sequences using the following:

adi_adrv9025_FrmTestDataCfg_t testcfg={
      testcfg.framerSelMask = (uint8_t)ADI_ADRV9025_FRAMER_0,
      testcfg.testDataSource = ADI_ADRV9025_FTD_PATTERN_REPEAT,

The ADRV9026 User Guide (pg31) states the user can load a custom pattern, but does not indicate how the custom pattern is to be loaded.
Can you please advise?
Also regarding each of the inject Points, are they before or after the PN15 transport layer scrambler, before or after 8B10B encoder?