ADRV9026 JESD204C CRC Configuration

The user can refer to the“ SERIALIZER/DESERIALIZER (SERDES) INTERFACE ”section in ADRV9026 user guide to know more about the JESD204B & JESD204C interface, In JESD204C standard. The sync word can contain the following information:
  1. Pilot signal (used to mark the borders of the multiblocks and extended multiblocks)
  2. CRC-3 signal (used for error detection)
  3. CRC-12 signal (used for error detection)
  4. FEC signal (used for error detection and correction)
  5. Command channel (used for transmitting commands and status information)

ADRV9026 just support the CRC-12 sync word mode. This working mode is not configurable. The CRC-12 in ADRV9026 is just used to report the error and will not do any error correction.