ADRV9026 reset and error handling recommendations

  • During initialization, the user must apply a hardware reset (using adi_adrv9010_HwReset which toggles the RESETB pin) to put the part in a good known state before loading the SW. Complete initialization sequence is listed in the ‘System Initialization’ section of the user guide.
  • Depending on the type of error, ADI recommends different recovery actions to be run to recover the device from the error state. The user can refer to the section ‘API Error handling and Debug’ for detailed list of recovery actions that can be run when an error is encountered.
  • During error, the ADRV9026 API functions will respond by telling the application layer what action needs to be taken due to a possible error in the API function call. For example, if an init cal fails the user does not need to reset the whole chip so as to recover from the error and can try to rerun the init cal. For other cases, for example power failure, the user would need to run a complete HW reset (using adi_adrv9010_HwReset which toggles the RESETB pin) and initial SW load to restore the part to a good error free state.