ADRV9026 adi_adrv9025_PreMcsInit_NonBroadCast API Function Error Debug

The user need to make sure the ARM memory can be correctly  access  before start to loading ARM binary file and Stream binary file. Customer can call API function adi_common_ErrorClear to clear previous API error. Then call the API function adi_adrv9025_ArmMemWrite to write 256 or even longer ramp up data into ARM memory, After writing . Customer can call API function adi_adrv9025_ArmMemRead  to read back the written data from ARM internal  memory to see if it match with each other or not.  Inside ARM there are two memory : program memory and data memory. The valid program memory addresses are 0x01000000 - 0x0104FFFF. The valid data memory addresses are 0x20000000 - 0x2004FFFF. The user can select valid memory address as test address.

Customer can call the API function adi_adrv9025_ArmMemDump in adi_adrv9025_utilities.c to dump back  the data from ARM internal memory . Compare the reading back data with original binary file to see if the ARM binary file is uploaded correctly or not.