IQ file format for adrv9026 GUI and LTE waveform files [LTE and 5G NR]


Setup: -  ADS9 Mother board + adrv9025 rf eval board + software gui + 122.88MHz reference clock to J613 connector.

In the Tone section, using LoadFile option, [File to Load],

i tried loading various formats of file and i get one of the following errors in every try i do [errors are viewed in Log section]

[1] index out of bounds of array.

[2] too many iq samples.

[3] system memory error.

[4] Invalid IQ format.


Can u tell the exact format of IQ txt file, Number of Samples in .txt file for default configurations like [Tx1 ]

[1] 13_nonlinksharing

[2] 14_linksharing

[3] 14_nonlinksharing

From this link, i see there are example files [] for 5G NR, are these available on ADI public domain, if so, can u plz point?



added more info
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