ADRV9026 ADC and DAC resolution

What is the resolution ( number of bits ) for main ADCs and DACs?

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    on Jun 23, 2021 4:16 AM in reply to akamary

    Aux DAC is Auxiliary DAC which is in addition to the 8 Data path DACs ( 1 each for I and Q and 4 channels). This can be used to generate additional signals like a PA ramp signal. 

    FYI. In below case DAC is running at 1.9 GHz. (122.88 x2x2x1x2x2)

    Why does the datasheet explicitly not mention this parameter?

    Transceiver being full signal chain and not only ADC or  DAC , customers should not use the ADC parameters like number of bit information for system level calculations. So SNR and ENOB calculated will not be useful and customer need to use Noise figure instead for system calculations. Hence same is not published. 

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