ADRV9026 Power supply considerations

Power supply current consumption margins and sequencing requirements –

  • ADRV9026 power supply needs to have adequate capacity to provide the necessary current (as indicated on the datasheet) so that performance criteria over all process and temperature variations are maintained. ADI recommends adding 900mA to the 1p0V digital supply and 20% margin to all analog supplies’ maximums to ensure proper operation under all conditions.
  • For ADRV9026, the VDIG_1P0 power supply is required to be turned on first followed by 1p3V or 1p8V power supplies. If the VANA_1P0 (which covers the VDES_1P0, VSER_1P0, VTT_DES, and VJSY_1P0 supplies) are connected to the same source as the VDIG_1P0 supply, then it is acceptable for these inputs to power up at the same time as the VDIG_1P0 supply. Note that the VIF supply can be enabled at any time without affecting the other circuits in the device.

Power supply voltage requirements for synthesizer and LO –

  • VRFSYN1_1P3, VRFSYN2_1P3, VAUXSYN_1P3, VCLKSYN_1P3, VTXLO_1P3, VRXLO_1P3 pins provides the input supply voltage to internal LDOs. These supply pins should be connected to the 1p3V power supply.