ADRV9008-1 RF_EXT LO export divider



It is my understanding that the RF_EXT_LO_I/O pins can be used to export a divided version of the VCO for debug purposes. 


Does the ADRV9008-1 have seperate dividers for the the RF_EXT_LO export and the internal LO used by the receive path?


For instance, lets say that the LO frequency is 2GHz.  The ADRV9008-1 synthesiser will be operating at 8GHz and a divide by 4 will be in place to generate 2GHz.  Is it possible for me to set the divider on the RF_EXT_LO export to be 2, such that I can export 4GHz?


Graphically, is this configuration possible?


SYNTH(8GHz)  ------|DIV 4|---------> 2GHz LO used by the ADRV9008-1 receive path internally
      |------------|DIV 2|---------> 4GHz exported out of RF_EXT_LO pins

Thanks for the help!

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