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How to read back attenuation with spi2

Category: Hardware
Product Number: adrv9009

Hi,I am using the hdl 'master' branch . And i am using no-os master branch. And I am using the project design for  zc706 and EVAL-ADRV9008/9.

I am using spi2 control the attenuation of adrv9009 , after I write the attenuation value to the register 0x2e9 and 0x2ea I want to know whether the value right.

The table 135 of ug 1295 said that the "ox2f2 is Tx1 readback LSBs" and "ox2f3 is Tx1 readback MSBs". So I read the register 0x2f2 and 0x2f3 using spi2, but I got 0xff that is not what I write to the 0x2e9 and 0x2ea.

Am I understand right?

And the API TALISE_getTxAttenuation() get tx1 attenuation value is 0.

I do the following thing to make sure the things right:

1. I switch on the tx1 channel but tx2 is off;

2. I just set the attenuation of tx1 but with tx2 left.

What else do I need to do?