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ADRV9009 multi chip sync lost after hopping

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9009


I'm seeing the same issue described in this post. 

Essentially running adrv9009 in fhm mode with mcs enabled. But sync is not achieved some of the time.

MCS works fine in non hopping mode.

I am operating through linux, and just calling the hop function, no other init calls between hops.

Help appreciated,


  • What is the frequency by which you are trying to hop the frequency?  What is the sleep time/settling time  between the hops?  Hope you are running init cals every time you are hoping.

    Are you running the full init sequence along with both RFPLL and BBPLL  MCS tracking enabled when you are hoping frequencies?

  • Hi,

    Yes FHM MCS is enabled when we are hopping.

    We are not running init cals each time we hop, we are using the linux driver hop function, which just runs TALISE_setFhmHop. Do we need to run TALISE_runInitCals each time we hop in addition to this?

    We are not running any other init sequence on each hop either, can you confirm what we need to run.

    We are typically dwelling at each hop for ~300ms, so quite a long time.

    I will investigate whether there is any difference in hopping more/less than 100mhz.



  • In non -hopping mode , if you change the frequency manually to other frequency, are you able to achieve MCS?

    We need to run init cals whenever the frequency changes by 100MHz . Is the refclk source same for all the boards?

     Is setfhmhop() function running at the same time for all the boards ? Make sure the trigger is going to all the boards at the same time . Can you try using GPIO mode and check if you are facing same issue  ?

  • Yes, the MCS is working fine in non hopping modes. I will run some experiments this morning on hopping mode with GPIO.

  • Hi sorry for the delay.

    So we have switched to GPIO mode and still have the same issue.

    It also still occurs when we hop by less than 100MHz.

    Just as a check, we don't need to re-run the MCS initialization sequence or anything like that when entering FHM mode?

    Any more things we can look at?



  • Are you seeing this issue for few of the hops or all of them ? If its for few of the hops then rerun the MCS after entering the FHM Mode . Check the synchronization for all the hops i.e.  setfhmhop() function is running at the same time for all of the boards.

    Also ensure that you are running the init cals whenever the frequency changes by 100MHz.