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ADRV9009 Initialization issues

Category: Software
Software Version: Vivado 2018.3

Dear team ,

              we have a custom ADRV9009 board which is having HMC7044 as clock source and it is interfaced ZCU102  .We are successful in initializing the HMC7044(This is confirmed as all the transceiver got initialized)but When we are trying to initialize the ADRV9009 ,it is throwing the below error

ERROR:346:TALISE_verifySpiReadWrite():Cannot read from alow SPI address

After searching about this error ,I came to know that it is due to the reset pin issue and I verified my design in the perspective of reset pin, everything seems okay and also I verified the reset pulse using ILA as well as  by connecting it to the on board led .

I tried to produce the same issue with the evaluation board and we achieved it by not generating the reset pulse .

What are the other possibilities for facing this issue .

Thanks in Advance