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Category: Software
Product Number: adrv9008-1
Software Version: Firmware 6.0.2, API

Hello everyone,

I work with the hardware zc706 + adrv9008-1

I used the 2019_R2 HDL and the no-OS Firmware 6.0.2, API


And I want to change frequency with RF PLL FREQUENCY HOPPING mode

For this purpose I have defined the following as explained in Reference-Manual-UG-1295.

taliseFhmMode_t fhm_Mode;

fhm_Mode.fhmEnable = 1;

fhm_Mode.fhmInitFrequency_Hz = 1500000000;

fhm_Mode.fhmTriggerMode = TAL_FHM_NON_GPIO_MODE;

TALISE_setFhmMode (device, & fhm_Mode);

But when I change the frequency using  TALISE_setFhmHop(), I notice that the frequency does not change , and only after I execute another TALISE_setFhmHop() with the same frequency, the frequency changed to the right one. I would be happy if you could explain why this happens and whether it can be done by sending one command TALISE_setFhmHop(), since the frequency change time is important to us.