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ADRV90xx Series


Is there any recommendation for wideband transceiver IC for ADRV90xx series (such as ADRV9002, ADRV9004, ADRV9026, ADRV9009 and etc.)?

Existing platform is using AD9361, but I am looking for better features with higher wideband >56M and low power consumption.

If the design have 4 channels, how do we determine the power consumption for each channel (example: what are the typical power level)?

Is there any way to measure point to point?

What is the feature of DPD? Is this feature important for radio comms application as well?


  • ADRV9004 provides a higher BW support till 6GHz, but the power consumption is higher as compared to AD9361. If you are looking for lower power, the going for other ADRV9026 will not be a good choice as it is 4T4R. You can refer to the datasheet of each of the chips and refer to the power consumption sections and do a detailed comparison between them.