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ADRV9009 automatically changes LO frequency (once every certain time)

I use adrv9009 and zc706. I want to realize the automatic switching of Rx receiving frequency, that is, switching the frequency every 300ms. At present, it is switching between 2330mhz and 1850mhz. The function to initialize LO frequency point is (adihalerr_t talise_setup (talisedevice_t * const PD, taliseinit_t * const PI);) I control through interrupt. Whenever the interrupt is set to 1, I change the global variable center_ Frequency value. The function for setting LO frequency is (talaction = talise_setrfpllfrequency (PD, tal_rf_pll, center_frequency);) But after burning the program, the center_ Frequency cannot be passed to Talise_ Setup function. Therefore, it cannot be performed again. Is there any solution