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How to deal with the ARM error while debugging adrv9009 no-os code?

Hi,I am using the hdl 'master' branch . And i am using no-os master branch. And I am using the project design for  zc706 and EVAL-ADRV9008/9.

I am migrating the reference design to a custom design board . While I am debug the no-os program step over this line:

the console shows a error message showed in the below picture.

I don't know what reason cause this error , is it imply that the arm of zynq has some problem?

Can anyone tell what might cause the error.


uint32_t TALISE_verifySpiReadWrite (taliseDevice_t *device)
	talRecoveryActions_t retVal = TALACT_NO_ACTION;
	adiHalErr_t halError = ADIHAL_OK;
	uint8_t spiReg = 0;

	halError = talWriteToLog(device->devHalInfo, ADIHAL_LOG_MSG, TAL_ERR_OK,
	retVal = talApiErrHandler(device, TAL_ERRHDL_HAL_LOG, halError, retVal,