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Can ADRV9008 produce 5G Tx signal?


I would like to create a system that outputs 5G Tx on your board and FPGA without using a signal generator.

  1.  AD9988
  2.  ADRV9008,9009

I think AD9988 can do it. however the AD9988 is expensive. I would like to evaluate it with ADRV9008 first.

We can convert from IF to RF using another board, so the output signal can be an IF signal.

The output signal is 3 to 6 GHz. I think that ADRV9008-2W / PCBZ or ADRV9009-W/PCBZ

can be used for such applications,but could you please let me know if there is any problem?

Best Regards

Hiroshi Taniguchi