Adrv9009 pll loop filter BW

I want to know how to determine the pll loop filter BW by inspection of the pll phase noise response.  The current procedure which is not causing any obvious errors is as follows:

  1. Turn the radio off 
  2. setRfPllLoopFilter 0 50 10. If I try changing the BW to 300 (kHz), the command seems to take but I don't see the BW change from 50 (kHz) which in our case is the default. See plots belo.
  3. SetRfFreq 0 3549540
  4. Turn the radio on.

When I change the BW between 50 and 300, I expect to see the phase noise peaking and the corner frequency change from 50kHz - I don't see any change.  Also changing the dampening has no impact as well so I suspect the command is not doing anything.  Can you help.