ADRV9009 ADC / JESD: RX Data Path Endianness


what is the endianness  of the ADRV9009 ADC data that comes into the JESD?

I'm using the default configuration of JESD (fig.34 in UG-1295).

I want to try to add my own ip in the RX data path in the correct manner.

What i know for certain is that the format is 16 bit signed using 2's complement, but in order to assemble the numbers correctly I'd need the endianness as well.


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  • Hi!

    Thanks for the answer. I assume since the default configuration is 16 bits sample, actually the data is not split into octets and comes into the CPACK2 and out:

    LSByte --------------------------------------- MSByte
    Icr0[0-15]   Qcr1[16-31]   Icr3[32-47]    Qcr4[48-63]

    I've observed the data with ILA and the above seems to be correct.

    Would it be possible to confirm my understanding?