Can obsRx be assigned to JESDB lanes that are not in the board

Some background information:

-Using 2 JESDB lanes (lane0 and lane1) for this setup. lane2 and lane3 are not connected at the board.
-Using no-os flow
-Using Talise_Configuration_wizard v2.4 to generate profile (sampling 204.8 Mhz, Tx 160 Mhz, ORx 160 Mhz, Rx 160 Mhz,  LO 1800 Mhz).
-Then using ADRV9009 Transceiver Evaluation Software to read profile and create talise_config.c file

If I set "Observation Off", writing the talise_config.c TES generates an error.

If I set "Observation Rx1 and Rx2", TES reports that the JESDB rate are being exceeded so I then need to assign Framer A to Rx (lane0 and lane1) and Framer B to Orx (lane2 and lane3).

My questions:

-Is ObsRx really needed or can it somehow be disabled?

-It appears that obsRx requires the use of a JESDB lane.  Does is matter that Framer B is using lane2 and lane3 that are not in the board