some questions of ADRV9009 multichip sync

1. Does power up and power down mean the power on/off on ZCU102?
I used one ZCU102 + two ADRV9009 to test multi-chip synchronization. For the 5 power cycles (power up and power down) mentioned in UG below, only the ZCU102 board has a switch. If I turn off/on the power supply of ADRV9009, I can only turn off/on the power supply of ZCU102, am I right?
If my operation is correct, as UG said, then I turn off the power supply of the ZCU102 board and turn it on again (run API software again, load the code), the phase difference between the two ADRV9009 TXs should be a constant value. That is, the phase difference is the same every time you turn it on, right?

2. Please help to confirm whether the multi-chip synchronization steps below are correct, thank you?

STEP 1: I execute “err = talise_setup(&tal[t], &talInit);” on each ADRV9009 in turn, for example,  configure first ADR9009, and then configure the other.The code is as follows, using the FOR function

I refer to the previous post(as shown below:) and added the PHASESYNC function to  talise_setup(&tal[t], &talInit) 

STEP 2: Two boards execute the talise_multi_chip_sync(&tal[t], i) function at the same time, a total of 12 steps,The code is as follows,

Is my operation correct?

thank you !