ADRV9026 EVAL - Receive JESD profile


For 4TX, I have chosen LMFS - 4841, which has 4 Serdes lanes, with 245.76MSPS rate and should address 4 DAC's.

Similarly for Receive I intend to have a profile with 4R with 4 lanes(no link sharing) and max sample rate 184.32MSPS. 

So, in ADRVTRX GUI only few profiles have been listed, which I chose 13_NLS profile.

Later, Since I need to have 4 lanes, I modified framer 0 to have 4 lanes and other fields automatically updated from GUI. So, this makes up LMFS - 4841

Then I took this init.c script from GUI and trying to bringup link between fpga and ADRV.

TX link is up and I could see waveforms on TXA and TXB, not sure TX3 and TX4 I am not seeing any waveforms, it has just junk coming on both ports. 

On ADC side, Sync is toggling, CGS->ILAS phase is in repeat mode, not sure why!

Is everything okay with above described profile and configs?