ADRV9009 RX Qec Init Calibration Failure Below ~150MHz

I am seeing a Rx QEC Init Calibration failure when re-running init calibrations at frequencies below ~150MHz

Out profile boils down to

Device Clock: 122.88MHz

RX1 Enabled, 200MHz @ 245.76 MHz


ORX1 Enabled, 200MHz @ 245.76 MHz



This profile has been tested on the EVK is is working fine. We have our custom hardware and seeing the calibration failure there.

The getInitCalStatus returns the following:
calsSincePowerUp 0xc06e
calsLastRun 0x0
calsMinimum 0x4e
initErrCal 0xe
initErrCode 0x3

RxQEC Init Cal: Error configuring Cal PLL

What could be causing the Cal PLL to fail during calibration that is hardware related?