RF PLL hopping time for GPIO and NON-GPIO mode in ADRV9009


I am working with ADRV9009 and the Xilinx ZCU102 board for RF PLL hopping. I went through the RF PLL hopping section in UG1295 document. I see that the hopping time given is around 70 micro seconds in specifications. I am using Firmware 6.0.2 and API version. I am testing with NON-GPIO mode and I am observing the transmitter output in Spectrum analyzer in zero span mode. I am clearly abe to measure the hop time taken. It is taking around 100msec.

Is the 100millisecond hopping time acceptable in NON-GPIO mode? What are the expected hopping time in both NON-GPIO mode and GPIO mode?

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  • API mode is working fine for me. But for GPIO mode I followed the steps given in UG1295 but I am not seeing any frequency hop happening. There are no error values thrown even in SDK code during runtime. I have routed the MIO pins in ZYNQ to GPIO pins of the ADRV9009. This connection is through the FMC connector. After calling TALISE_setFhmHop() function I am making respective MIO pin that is connected to mention GPIO pin on the ADRV board low and then high.

    Am I missing anything?