Signal Bandwidth in ADRV9009


I read the ADRV9009 datasheet, I saw that there are 2 bandwidth configurations in the software which are 100MHz/225MHz and 200MHz/450MHz. I have two questions on that:

1. 100Mhz and 200 Mhz are the primary signal bandwidth. 225 Mhz and 450 Mhz are the synthesis bandwidth. As I understand we will have the maximum signal bandwidth equal to 225 Mhz on each I and Q channel (450Mhz total) so why in the datasheet the maximum large signal bandwidth is just 200 Mhz? So the following circuits are designed to handle this large bandwidth (225Mhz on each I and Q)?

2. I also saw that the TX filter was designed with 242 Mhz 3 dB cut off frequency. But the maximum bandwidth of the RX filter is just 115 Mhz. That doesn't make sense because if we transmit a signal that has bandwidth about 225Mhz. The receiver can't cover that signal. Is that correct?

Could you please help me with those questions. Thank you so much.