ADRV9009 Gain Control in the TX


I am reading the datasheet of the ADRV9009 and have some questions about the gain control mechanism in the transmitter.

In the transmitter parameters, there are no information about the total gain of the RF transmitter except the attenuation power control range (0-32dB, 0.05dB step). I wonder how the transmitter amplify and produce 9dBm output power (75-600MHz). Then I suddenly found a related paper: " A Highly Reconfigurable 65nm CMOS RF-to-Bits Transceiver for Full-Band Multicarrier TDD/FDD 2G/3G/4G/5G Macro Basestations". The TRX block diagram is in the figure below.

The power mixer in the paper has 64 segments which produce 36dB gain, 6dB steps (Is it the max gain value?).

What is the attenuation power control range and step of the attenuator between mixer and balun in the TX in ADRV9009?

And what is the attenuation power control range of the digital attenuator (this attenuator has the step of 0.05dB, doesn't it) in ADRV9009?

Thank you so much for any support!

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