adrv9009 calibration


I got some issues with 2 functions: initCal and enableTrackingCal. I use no-OS library and modify it for kcu105 FPGA board (I dont have Zynq board). I set TX2 port loopback to RX2 port directly.

- (Calib_mask == None) && (TrackMask == None): No error, TX outputs have RF signal.

- (Calib_mask != None) && (TrackMask == None): Error enableTrackingCal, errorStatusRegister = 0x04. Ignore this error, TX outputs have RF signal with some calib_mask. 

- With most of calib_masks (except:TX_LO_LEAKAGE_EXTERNAL, FHM_CAL,...), initCal function is successful. However, with some masks, TX outputs dont have RF signal, example: TIA_3DB_CORNER, DC_OFFSET, FLASH_CAL, TX_LO_LEAKAGE_INTERNAL, ...

I'm looking forward to your answers.


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