I have adrv9009 and zcu102, I want to run the linux os on zcu102.i use the image you provide.

I write this to a sd card.then copy correct files.

and power the zcu102,i note that while the os is starting,the arm programed the bit file to pl,and then initialized.

i test this system,it can work well. but I have a question. could I program the bit file that I create????

could tell me how to do it???

thanks very much!!!

here is another question!

i know that the bit is included in the BOOT.BIN,so i use the way you provided to create the BOO.BIN.

i create the BOOT.BIN and replace the orignal BOOT.BIN.Power picture is show what happen!

we can see the adrv9009 is not working because the arm do not initialize the adrv9009.

so,could tell my how to define the system as my wish.

pelease do not tell me to see the two links in next picture,i read these again and agan!!!

all my septs is obyed this!!!