ADRV9008-2 + ZC706 Matlab IQ stream

Dear Support Team:

I am using ADRV9008-2 eval board with ZC706.

I want to transmit data and capture observation data from Matlab to ADRV9008.

TES works well, but I cannot connect the board with Matlab.

This is how I did it:

1. download and install Board Support packages 

2 Use the same SD card(JUNE 2018 rev 1.0 for use with Windows-based TES)

3. ran in Matlab: 

tx = adi.ADRV9009.Tx('uri','ip:');


rx = adi.ADRV9009.Rx('uri','ip:');

data = rx();

it returned: Failed to create context for uri: ip:

How should I transmit the signal via Matlab to board? And I guess I should read data from observation path not RX in 9008-2, what API should I use ?

Thanks a lot


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