ADRV9009 TX Sample Rate


I have a two part questions.

I read in one of the forum posts that sample rate must be between 40 - 500 MHz. Is this correct?

2nd question - I'm trying to load one of the existing profiles (Tx_BW100_IR122p88_Rx_BW100_OR122p88_ORx_BW100_OR122p88_DC122p88.txt) and then change the TX Sample Rate down to 12 MHz or a factor of 12 > than 40 MHz. I tried changing TX Input Sample Rate field from Advanced ADRV9009 tab of IIO Osc after loading the profile to 12000 KHz and even 48000 KHz but the value did not stay. The text field is editable but the value always reverts back to 122800 KHz. Do I need to generate my own profile for a lower sample rate. I have already pulled the latest code from github and generated the latest linux kernel.


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