ADRV9009 FMC board - would using an ultra low noise LDO on the VCXO supply input improve performance?

On the ADRV9009 FMC board, there's a VCXO connected to the ADP9528 PLL.

The VCXO's supply pin connects to the VDDA_3P3, which comes from the DC-DC converter ADP5054. That supply is filtered VDDA_3P3 using a ferrite bead (30 ohm) before it reaches the VCXO's supply input.

I'm wondering if using an ADP150 ultra low noise LDO, as suggested in the ADP9528 datasheet, see screenshot below, or is the ferrite bead sufficient and would the ADP150 be overkill for the ADRV9009 applications?