Two ADRV9009 EVAL Boards on ZCU102

Hi Support,

I want to use two ADRV9009 Eval Boards on ZCU102.

ZCU102 has two FMC(HPC) connectors.

Is it possible to run two ADRV9009 Eval Boards?

Synchronization of  data between two ADRV9009 chips will be OK?

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  • Hi Vinod,

    thank so much for your help.

    As in your reply, I rechecked the schematic. It is possible to feed off-board dev_clk and system directly to ADRV9009 as the following pictures.

    Output 5 {J404, J405}, Output7 {J406, J407} or Output8 {J408, J409} are used to output devclk and sysref from the AD9528 of the first evaluation board.

    • dev_clk is then feed to the ADRV9009 on second board through port J410, J411
    • sysref through J412 and J413


    Thanks in advance,

    Trung Nguyen