ADRV9008-1 Receiver QEC and RECEIVER DC OFFSET calibration settling time

As per your datasheet ADRV9008-1 Image Rejection spec is given as 75dB with QEC active, within 200 MHz receiver bandwidth.

Also the RECEIVER DC OFFSET (dBFS) value over frequency range is given as >-90dBFS over temperature.

Now when we use ADRV9008-1 hopping requirement and we need to get Receiver Image Rejection spec > 70dB and RECEIVER DC OFFSET (dBFS) >-80 dBFS.

1. What is the QEC calibration approximate settling time required for the frequency range from 100MHz to 3GHz range?

3. We know PLL settling time is around 70uS then what is the approximate minimum settling time need to be given for QEC calibration to achieve above spec over our specified range.

Our Hopping may be anywhere from 100 to 3000 MHz, But we will use 200MHz bandwidth after every hopping frequency.

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