Initialization of ADRV9009 and AD9528 on ZCU102 using profile configuration files.

We have initialization file for Rx and Tx channels for ADRV9009 from Profile Configuration Tool titled "Tx_BW225_IR245p76_Rx_BW200_OR245p76_ORx_BW200_OR245p76.txt". We Also have initialization file for AD9572 titled "Tx_BW225_IR245p76_Rx_BW200_OR245p76_ORx_BW200_OR245p76_AD9528.txt".

We would like to know how to insert these files into the device boot process. We also think that we are missing initialization for JESD204B interface.

We are using exported init.c / python file from TES GUI for ZC706 as reference. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Thank you.