ADRV9009-Custom profile


Considering the fact that there is no profile generator (Same as what we had for ad9371) we need to change the sampling rate, etc manually within the GUI. The point is that if you look at 9371 profile generator there is a long list of constraints that you need to follow to be able to have a working profile (  ---> bottom of the page). 
However, now we do not know anything about those limitations for the adrv9009. So changing the values freely in the GUI is not possible since it generates error output. Using TES I can generate the profile that I want (Tx-rate of 491.52 Mhz and Rx rate of 245.76 MhZ). Here is the screenshot of TES software which I could program the board for. 
Now I want to have the same thing but via the iio-oscilloscope. However, when I manually change the rates at the oscilloscope software it generates some errors. 

I wonder if there is any possibility to export the profile from TES and use it in iio-oscilloscope. 

Thanks a lot in advance.