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multi-ADRV900x JTAG boundary connections

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9004

We have a customer looking to add JTAG boundary scan on a dual ADRV9004 design.

ADRV9004 RevA datasheet pg. 95 and Table 19 (pg. 96) seems to be the only info about JTAG - nothing in the UG, rev PrC.  It shows that pins DGPIO_3-11 are used, along with the MODE pin, and these DGPIOs are already deployed in their design. 

So they ask:

1)  Can these DGPIOs simply be branched to the JTAG connector without termination concerns, or is there a preferred way to maintain signal integrity?

2)  What's the best way to connect two devices to the JTAG bus? - e.g. TDI's and TDO's each paralleled or daisy-chained with a TDI--TDO loop, with a TDO--TDI connection between devices?  (These would be the only two devices on the JTAG bus with the connector.)

3)  How do you recommend separating the DGPIOs of each device [for conventional/independent GPIO use] when not in JTAG mode?  Tri-state buffers or switches or ??