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ADRV9002 CLGC activation sequence

Hi AD experts;

With TES, the CLGC is functionnal (except the slow convergence with DPD). But on our plateform, the CLGC get freezed after 5s of activation.

We use this sequence, coudl you confirm that is the correct one?

adi_adrv9001_Radio_Channel_EnableRf(false); // RF_ENABLED -> PRIMED

adi_adrv9001_Radio_Channel_ToCalibrated(); // PRIMED -> CALIBRATED

adi_adrv9001_dpdConfigure(); // configure clgc gain target

adi_adrv9001_Radio_Channel_ToPrimed(); // CALIBRATED -> PRIMED

adi_adrv9001_Radio_Channel_EnableRf(true); // PRIMED -> RF_ENABLED

If we change the gain target, shall we start from the begining?