1TX frequency hopping mode in ADRV9003

Hi all,

Our customers are confused about understanding the frequency hopping behavior of the ADRV9003.

Their frequency plan is as follows.
1TX: Frequency hopping
2RX: Fixed frequency

We understand that the explanation of frequency hopping of UG-1828 is based on 2VCO, 2TXLO, 2RXLO (ADRV9002 / 4).
Is this understanding correct?

In the case of ADRV9003, it is 2VCO, 1TXLO, 2RXLO,
Is it correct to understand that 1TX (1TXLO) frequency hopping is possible using LO retune mode?

Are there any additional documentation, user manuals, application notes, etc. regarding frequency hopping behavior, settings, TES settings?

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