ADRV9002_DPD_min bandwidth

Hello. I have a question. Please tell me.

I'm checking the URL below.

Here, the test results conforming to "Tetra" are posted.

In this case, I am considering an occupied bandwidth of 4.8k and an offset frequency of 6.25kHz.

At this time, how much improvement is expected in the ADRV9002's DPD?

Also, have you ever used the DPD function in such a narrow bandwidth application?

Best Regards.

  • Hello baggio,

    I have relayed your question to our team, we have not yet tried to run a BW this narrow however our DPD expert believes that your results should be similar to those seen under the TETRA use-case. 

    Do you have your own Eval board? If so, you could perform your own tests and see. If not, it is on our roadmap to test profiles this narrow with our DPD algorithm, so when we get those tests complete I will return here and notify you.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello, owatkins.

    I understand.

    I don't have an evaluation board at hand right now, so it would be great if you could provide me with a file that I can use with TES.

    Best Regards.

  • Hello again baggio,

    One of our engineers used Tetra profile to test the P25 H-DQPSK DPD, which has 6.25Khz signal BW, the results showed Navassa DPD can meet the standard requirements with some margins. However, the test waveform was from a customer, meaning the test results can't be shared to other customers.

    If you can't get access to an Eval Board, you can generate a Tx waveform that you wish to use in your application and share it with us via email (do not share confidential Waveform data over this public forum). Provided you can ensure phase continuity in the Tx I/Q datafile with a sample rate of 144kSps, we should be able to test it here and then share the results with you privately.

    Do let me know if you would be willing to share your Tx data with us, and if so I will reach out to you offline.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello, owatkins.

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    Please wait moment.

    We will check if it can be provided and get back to you.

    We assume it will take some time to confirm, so we will get back to you as soon as we have confirmation.

    Best Regarding.

  • Hello, owatkins.

    Unfortunately I can't provide you with "Tx data".

    My requirements for a wireless device would be as follows.


     ACPR        :60dB

     Bandwidth      :4.8kHz

     Modulation method:π/4-shift QPSK

     Roll-off ration    :0.2

     Peak factor     :Approx. 5dB

    Would it be possible for you to consider this condition?

    Best Regards.