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Frequency Hopping in ADRV9002


    We are using ADRV9002 RF Transceiver for our applications. Is it possible to achieve the loopback operation in Frequency Hopping mode in ADRV9002, if it so please provide the configurations modes that need to be set.



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  • Hi Vijay KS,

    I'm not familiar with every API provided for Frequency Hopping, your best bet for finding every API you'll need is to navigate to the production/ folder of the SDK and open the Compressed HTML document. This document contains descriptions and requirements for every public API we provide.

    Off the top of my head, the answer will depend of the Table Index Control method you select:

    With either Ping Pong or Loop you are offloading the indexing control to the on-board ARM, which saves you having to control the index yourself but also means you can't control it quite as finely. However with GPIO, control of indexing is kept by the FPGA or BBIC, meaning you can provide an interrupt to your FPGA/BBIC and have it restart the Hopping index very easily. This comes at the cost of additional computing responsibility on the FPGA/BBIC.

    Do let me know if this helped at all!

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Oisin,

       Very Thanks for your reply. I think it would really help me.

    With Regards,

    Vijay KS