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ADRV9002 Eval board - ADM1293 Power monitor function for C code implementation


I would like to monitor ADRV9002 power consumption from on board ADM1293. TES power monitor function is not enough time scale and resolution. So, I would like to try to read it by C code implementation.(Use C code generation function and TES SD card)

ADRV900x C code library has ADM1293 read function. I think TES used this code.

Can I have any sample code or reference design about power monitoring function for implementing my C code?

And also, if possible, I would like to read the power value as fast as possible. In the datasheet, ADM1293 has conversion speed that is around 100us. So, I  think it will be several ksps max.

If you have any limitation about read cycle the power from ADM1293, I would like to have the spec about Evaluation board.

I'm not sure the read cycle of TES power monitor function. If ADM1293 read cycle limitation is similar with TES spec, I can understand the limitation.

Best regards,


  • Hello Jun,

    If your produced C code is compiling and executing correctly then you can use the functions in the adi_adm1293.c file anywhere in the produced code, so you can call the adi_adm1293_Read(...) anytime you want to measure Current and Voltage. We don't have any examples of doing so, but it should be easy enough.

    As for the capture time and how fast you can read power measurements, I'm afraid I do not have data on that. I'll ask around for you, but do let me know if this hasn't addressed your question at all.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Jun,

       To add to the previous response, this is a PMBus part so you should be able to find some similar code pretty easily.  While I don't know of any code specific to this part, I can point you to something similar.  ADI has a platform called the Linduino, based on the Arduino Uno (Linduino DC2026C Evaluation Board | Analog Devices).  On that page you can download the LTSketchbook containing code for many different parts.  One sketch that I recommend taking a look at is the code for the LTC2945.  Within the sketchbook you can find the code at:

    ....\LTSketchbook\Part Number\2000\2900\2945\DC1697A

      Best regards,


  • Hi Oisin, Brad,

    Thank you so much for your comment.

    I would like to refer to both of source code. Thank you so much!

    By the way, I worked about adm1293 on ADRV9002 evaluation board for the project.

    We tried to implement the power monitor function to the evaluation board. But, we didn't get expected value from  adi_adm1293_Read(...) which is TES software.

    If possible, please would you double check the function about adm1293 read current??

    Best regards,


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