adrv9001-sdk example hardware AXI addresses do not match files in SDK

I am working on porting the adrv9001-sdk to the zcu106 platform.

In the process of this, I attempted to make the zcu102 hdl.

Once the zcu102 project was completed, I examined the AXI addresses.

The addresses do not match those in the file c_src/devices/fpga9001/private/include/adrv9001_zcu102.h

Am I missing something?

Are the addresses defined somewhere else? I did a grep and only found the address definitions in the c_src/devices/fpga9001/private/include folder.

I also have a few other questions:

1) It appears that the makefile in the test1 folder defines the platform in CFLAGS using -DADRV9001_ZC706_OFFSET.
    This is used in the file: c_src/devices/fpga9001/private/include/adrv9001_zc706. 
    A) The first questions are: why is the OFFSET being used and not the BASE?
         I could not find a base address in the code, so how does the absolute address get calculated?

    B) I am assuming that for a new platform such as the ZCU106, I have to create an adrv9001_zcu106.h file and define the addresses for all of the IP?
         Then find all of the files that include the adrv9001_zc706.h and add the adrv_zcu106.h include to these file?
         Then modify the makefile and change CFLAGS to use -DADRV9001_ZCU106_OFFSET ? Again not sure if I need to use the BASE or the OFFSET?

2) I see in adi_platform.c that there is #ifndef CUSTOMER_PLATFORM. 
    So I am assuming that I need to define this in the CFLAGS of the makefile?
    Then update the *hal_customer* files as needed?

Thanks for the help