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Is it possible to produce a 40 MHz sample rate using the 38.4 MHz oscillator included on the 9002 development board? If not, how can I determine whether a given external reference clock frequency will be able to produce that sample rate?

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    on Jan 15, 2021 2:22 PM 2 months ago

    Hi sgordon,

    In short, the answer is yes, you can produce a 40MHz sample rate using a 38.4 MHz.

    If you consult the CLOCK GENERATION AND MULTICHIP SYNCHRONIZATION section of the User Guide, you'll see this:

    The reference provided to the ADRV9002 part is used by one of the CLK PLL devices (which one is your choice) to generate a clock that operates on the order of GHz (again, the specific frequency is up to the user). This clk signal is then divided down by a series of Multiplexors and Dividers to provide what is essentially an Arbitrary Sample Rate. Note: there are 'dead zones' in the frequency band where we are unable to provide a stable sampling rate, however these regions are very small. More detail of these 'dead zones' will be given in future revisions of the User Guide.

    Under the RECEIVER/OBSERVATION RECEIVER SIGNAL CHAIN section of the User Guide, we see this:

    Which provides more detail on how the CLK signal is divided down. These multiplexors are controlled by our own API's, the user need only specify a sampling rate and our code will handle the control of each MUX along the path.

    I hope this satisfies your question. If you have more questions feel free to respond to this thread.

    All the best,


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