How to bypass FIR filters in AD9371?


My customer are designing new FIR filter (in FPGA) because FIR performance in AD9371 doesn’t meet their repeater requirement.

For this , they wants to bypass FIR filters in AD9371 like below picture


1.  - They want to bypass TFIR/ RFIR. Is it possible?

     - If it possible, how to bypass TFIR/ RFIR?

     - If they do the bypass TFIR/RFIR, is the delay of transmit path & receive path reduced?


2.  -  If they can’t do bypass TFIR/RFIR, how to control the coefficient of Filters?

     - How to extract the coefficient of Filters in AD9371?Filter

     - Zero IF fiducially, Passband: 0~49.2MHz,   Stopband: 50.8MHz,  Stopband Attenuation: Over 50dB


Please advise me.