AD9375 DPD min/max bandwidth


Regarding on AD9375 DPD application, the linearization signal BW is up to 40MHz.

What is the mininum bandwidth? Can it go below 250kHz BW?

If my application is 100MHz BW, can I still able to use the DPD? If yes, how will it go? Any application note regarding to DPD implementation?

Thank you.

  • Hi,

    We are looking for an application where the signal BW will vary from 25kHz to 5MHz.

    For single carrier application it will be 25kHz and the multi-carrier signal BW can go upto maximum of 5MHz.

    Most of the characterization for AD9375 is for wideband signals. 

    I doubt whether I can achieve and ACPR performance of better than 60dBc for 25kHz BW. The PA output ACPR (Without DPD) is 40dBc.


    Vishnu R.