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EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3 (ZC706) does not boot SD card

We have purchased EVAL-TPG-ZYNQ3 (Xilinx ZC706) + ADRV9371-W/PCBZ boards. The ZC706 came with SW11 set to 00010 (only 4 ON) and performs all tests properly using the debug UART port and a terminal program.

We prepared PC by installing TES RadioVerse software, set IP address according to UG-992 and connected the ZC706 via ethernet directly to the PC.

Setting SW11 to 00110 (only 3+4 ON) and inserting SD card with "NOV 2016 rev 2.0 Windows-based TES" software does not boot the ZC706. I was expecting the LEDs to flash like in the video with Tom Karpus and ZC706 board to boot up.

Connecting an HDMI Monitor and using the other SD card with the Dec 2016 (2016_R1) software also doesn't boot the ZC706 board.

What do we miss to setup to get the ZC706 to boot from SD card?

  • SW11 need to be setup as mentioned in UG992 section Hardware Setup

    ZYNQ platform setup (see Figure 173) requires the following steps:

    1. Place all jumpers in the positions shown in Figure 173.

    2. Place the SW11 toggle switches in the positions as shown in Figure 173 (Toggle Switch 1, Toggle Switch 2, and Toggle Switch 5 = Position A.

    Can you try burning a new SD card from image available at below location.


    Download SDCARD Image (zip)

    MD5 Checksum: fe98c122ccb5ec0b7683f7f976a066aa

    The ADRV9371-SDCARD included with the evaluation kit was up to date at the time of packaging the kit. If an update is necessary, the user will be prompted to update the image when connecting to the GUI. If the card does not function properly or users would like to create their own SD card, this image file can be downloaded and used to write a new card or overwrite the ADRV9371-SDCARD included with the evaluation kit. To program a card using this image, follow the programming instructions after downloading the image to a local drive. Note that an 8 GB minimum SD card is required when programming a new card.