AD9371 Rx Converter resolution


I got AD9371 Evaluation Kit(ADRV9371) and test the chip on a board.

So I refer to the User Guide (UG-992) a lot.

Recently, UG-992 was updated to Rev.B.

I compared Rev.A and Rev.B and found a difference.

In 'RECEIVER(ADC) DATAPATH', Converter resolution, N, is different.

In Rev.A, it is denoted by 16. But In Rev.B, it is denoted by 14.

1. What is 'Converter resolution? Does it mean only ADC resolution?

2. If pure ADC resolution is 14bit, How does AD9371 convert from 14bit(Converter resolution) to 16bit(Total number of bits per sample)? add 00 on MSB or LSB?

3. Was the converter resolution 14bit originally?