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AD9371 FilterWizard can't be downloaded,The Link seems broken

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9371
Software Version: 1.1.0

AD9371 FilterWizard can't be downloaded,The Link seems broken.

When I am trying to download AD9371 FilterWizard from the following link:

I got the following responsding message :


For Analog Devices authorized use only. Unauthorized access is prohibited.
All activities on this system are subject to being monitored. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By logging to this system, you agree to comply with the company's policies and procedures.
220 FTP
503 Command OPTS UTF8 ON not accepted during Connected
user( adirfbwacust
331 Enter password
421 Account disabled, contact administrator

It seems that the user 'adirfbwacust' has been disabled by the administrator,

I Can't login the ftp server with IE either, IE ask for user name and password:

Althought the user 'adirfbwacust' and password '67f1BoY' has been provided, I can't login the website.

I can't download the AD9371 FilterWizard from the original link, Is there another valid link ?