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ADRV9375-W_N files

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9375


We need the stack up used for AD9375 eval boards ADRV9375-W and ADRV9375-N files, for simulating and understanding the eval board impedances before we design our custom board. Please share the same, it would be helpful.

I got a snip of the stack up in the page 257 of UG-991, there is confusion regarding the thickness of copper planes, e.g it is just mentioned 'H' in the places of copper weight.

Does 'H' mean that it is a foil of thickness 1.4 mil ?

Does coper weight '1' means 1 Oz which corresponds to 1.35 mil copper thickness ?

If possible share the stack up with, thickness of dielectric/copper, dielectric materials details, dielectric constant and the loss tangent.

Thank You,

Arunkumar P

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