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AD9371 ORX path: RF to IF conversion

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Can AD9371 ORx be used to generate a IF signal instead of baseband signal. For example feed ORX path with 1850MHz signal and configure SN_LO frequency to 1845MHz. Will I being getting the signal at 5MHz IF instead of 0MHz.

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  • Instead of providing DPD IP with baseband data, I am thinking of providing data at IF. For achieving that, just providing required offset in SN_LO frequency is sufficient or any other changes are needed?

    Yes you can configure the sniffer LO, so that the ORX output can give an IF frequency. No need of doing any other settings for that.

    But, for configuring DPD, you need to configure ORX with TXLO, and the data at the ORX output will be at baseband frequency. TX to ORX external connection should be there for running DPD. Refer to the "DPD, CLGC, AND VSWR MEASUREMENT" section in UG