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execution time for MYKONOS_waitInitCals() function

Category: Software
Product Number: ad9371



how much time to take for this function execution time ?



  • What is the issue that you are facing? You need to provide the timeout parameter in msec as an argument to this function.

    Refer to the below snippet from source code:

    * \brief Blocking waits for the Mykonos initialization calibrations to complete
    * The *errorFlag and *errorCode parameters are optional. If the pointers are
    * set to null, no values will be returned. If the function returns an error
    * that the init calibration failed, use the MYKONOS_getInitCalStatus() function
    * to get more detailed information about why the init cal failed.
    * <B>Dependencies</B>
    * - device->spiSettings->chipSelectIndex
    * \param device A pointer to the device settings structure
    * \param timeoutMs A timeout value in Ms to wait for the calibrations to complete
    * \param errorFlag A 3bit error flag that helps identify what went wrong in the ARM. 0=No Error
    * \param errorCode The value represents the init calibration object ID that caused a failure.
    * \retval MYKONOS_ERR_OK Function completed successfully
    * \retval MYKONOS_ERR_WAIT_INITCALS_ARMERROR ARM returned error unrelated to init cals
    mykonosErr_t MYKONOS_waitInitCals(mykonosDevice_t *device, uint32_t timeoutMs, uint8_t *errorFlag, uint8_t *errorCode)

  • I facing time out issue for that function getting 1 second

  • Can you check which cal is failing using the API? Check the error flag and the error code

    MYKONOS_waitInitCals(mykonosDevice_t *device, uint32_t timeoutMs, uint8_t *errorFlag, uint8_t *errorCode)